Within Reason #27

This is a good in depth but accessible discussion of my views on consciousness and panpsychism.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1739

This was a nice chat, but I don't think I managed to convey to Joe Rogan what the hard problem of consciousness is...

Lex Fridman Podcast #261

This was a fun and wide-ranging debate, touching on free will, morality, and the meaning of life

Rich Roll Podcast

I really enjoyed this chat with Rich Roll. We mainly discussed my book Galileo’s Error, but also got onto my new book Why? The Purpose of the Universe

Between God and Atheism

My new book Why? The Purpose of the Universe defends a middle way between God and atheism, so it's nice to debate it with both religious people and secular atheists. This is a nice discussion I had on the Capturing Christianity podcast.

Brian Keating

It was an honour to appear on the physicist Brian Keating’s podcast.

Breaking through the Consciousness Stalemate

This is an interview I did at How the Light Gets In, which is a festival of ideas based in the UK.